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Caséta Wireless is easy to install and set up. Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help and guide you.

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Whether you are just starting out or adding to your Caséta set up, explore the Caséta Advisor to see how you can use Caséta in different rooms throughout your home.

Dimming LED & CFL light bulbs

Dimming LED & CFL light bulbs

Caséta Wireless dimmers work with dimmable LEDs and CFLs, as well as incandescent and halogen bulbs. If you’re using LEDs, use the Lutron LED compatibility tool to ensure the bulb you are dimming is compatible with the Caséta Wireless dimmer. The compatibility tool is designed to help you easily pair bulbs and dimmers.

LED compatibility tool

If your bulbs flicker or turn on or off unexpectedly, you can adjust the dimmer’s range for better performance.

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Top 5 FAQs
What are Caséta Wireless PRO products?
Caséta Wireless PRO products are available from professional installers. These products have features that may assist professionals in installing Caséta Wireless systems in a wider range of applications. You can learn about the differences between Caséta Wireless PRO and other Caséta Wireless products here.
How many bulbs can I control with a Caséta Wireless dimmer?
The number of bulbs you can control depends on the type of bulbs and how many watts they use. Please see the Quick Start Guide for your dimmer or switch for information about the maximum wattage for various bulb types.
Can I install Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmers in locations that have two or more switches controlling one light – for example, the top and bottom of stairs or each end of a hallway?
Yes. In one of the switch locations you’ll need to install a Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmer. In all other switch locations for that light source, you’ll need to install Pico® remotes. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, watch the “3-way switch application” video.​​​
Can I replace any light switch or dimmer with a Caséta Wireless dimmer?
Yes, you can replace any standard toggle or decorator light switch or dimmer that controls incandescent, halogen, or dimmable CFL or LED bulbs with a Caséta Wireless dimmer.
What can I do about flickering light bulbs?
You can eliminate flickering (typically seen with LEDs and CFLs) by adjusting the dimming range on the Caséta Wireless dimmer. For step-by-step video instructions, see “Adjusting dimming range for LED and CFL bulbs.”​​​

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Simple step-by-step instructions to get you started

Caséta Advisor

Interactive tool for exploring how you can use Caséta Wireless throughout your home.

Advanced Installation Guides

Information on more advanced topics like adjusting the dimming range and replacing 3-way switches

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