Pico Smart Remote

Put smart lighting control exactly where you want it

It’s easy with the Pico smart remote — no wires required.

Smart dimmer switch evolution

App Not Required

Anyone at home — from the babysitter to the in-laws — can
adjust the lights as easily as you can.

Hangs Out Anywhere

You can put the Pico almost anywhere. All
you need is a flat surface — even if it’s
glass or brick.

The Power of the
Pico Smart Remote

Smart lighting control from anywhere you
choose, that anyone can use.

Control Multiple Dimmers


A Pico smart remote can work with more than one light. Just pair the Pico to whichever Caséta smart dimmers you want to control and you can turn them all on, off, or dim them in tandem with each other

Battery Life


With a 10-year typical battery life, the Pico is virtually maintenance free

Sync up your stairway

Sync up your stairway

Do you have a light that you want to control from two locations, like at the top and bottom of the stairs, but only have an existing switch in one spot? The Pico smart remote is an easy solution.

  1. Replace your current switch with a Caséta smart dimmer
  2. Pair the dimmer to a Pico
  3. Mount the Pico where you don’t currently have a switch

And just like that you have smart lighting control at two locations, without additional wiring.

Put the house to bed

Put the house to bed

Never get out of bed to get the lights again, no matter where they are in the house. Simply pair your Pico smart remote with the Caséta dimmers you want to control, and you can get all of the lights, right from the comfort of your bed. Putting the house to sleep has never been so easy.

Never leave a light on

Never leave a light on

Speed out the door with the confidence of knowing that you haven’t left any lights on. Simply pair a Pico smart remote with the Caséta dimmers you want to control and put it by the door. Now it’s lights out with a single touch.

Smart lighting control within reach

Smart lighting control within reach

The Pico smart remote makes it easy for anyone to control the lights, from wherever is most convenient. Just put one on the coffee table, bedside table, or by Grandma’s favorite comfy chair, and anyone can easily turn on, dim, and turn off the lights.

Meet the Pico Remote Family

The Caséta family of Pico remotes gives you easy, flexible control of your smart control devices, Serena smart shades, Sonos, and more.

For Dimmers

For Dimmers

For Switches

For Switches

For Fan Control

For Fan Control

For Audio

For Audio

For Dimmers and Switches

For Dimmers and Switches

Set a favorite with a single touch

The favorite button on the Pico smart remote lets you quickly and easily get your lights to the level you most prefer, and only takes a few minutes to set up:

  1. Pair the Pico with the lights you want to control if you haven’t already.
  2. Now set each of those lights to the level that you like. Each can be set to a different level to get just the mood you want.
  3. Once you have the lights at the desired levels, hold the favorite button on the Pico for 6 seconds until the green LED indicator lights on the dimmers flash to confirm that your favorite has been saved.

Now you can simply push the favorite button and each light will go right to the level that you set, instantly.

Set Favorites image

How to pair a Pico to a switch or dimmer

Pairing the Pico is easy and only takes a few simple steps.

With a Smart Hub

1. Go to Settings in the Lutron app
2. Click “Add device”
3. Follow the prompts on the screen

Without a Smart Hub

1. Hold the off button on the dimmer or switch for 6 seconds until the LED lights blink
2. Hold the off button on the Pico for 6 seconds
3. The bulbs in the fixture will blink 3 times to confirm that the devices are paired

The most connected smart lighting control brand

Caséta works with more of the smart home products you have today and may get tomorrow.

Better with a hub

The smart hub gives you the best possible smart lighting control experience.

Fast control

Provides fast, reliable control from the app, Pico smart remote, or voice

Works when Wi-Fi is down

Works when Wi-Fi is down

Simple as button

Makes setup of Caséta products a snap, as simple as pressing a button

Keeps Caséta

Keeps Caséta from bogging down your Wi-Fi by making a single, direct connection for your entire system

Keeps Pico batteries

Keeps Pico batteries working for up to 10 years

Unlocks the full breadth

Unlocks the full breadth of Caséta’s functionality, like voice control and scheduling

Install is easy – either DIY or use a Pro