CASéTA 101

Setting Up Smart Away

By enabling Smart Away, you can make Caséta work harder for you whether you’re gone for the week or just a night.

You will Need

Lutron App

Smart Dimmer or Switch

Smart Bridge

Lit steps leading into building

Ideas and inspiration to get you started

Think about what rooms people can see from the  street.
That could be your:

  • Kitchen
  • Family room
  • Entry hall
  • Bedroom
  • Upstairs hallway
  • Bathroom

And remember, since Smart Away will randomly turn lights on and off throughout the evening, the more Casèta dimmers you have the more realistic the effect of being home even when you’re not.

Light fixture icon

Lighting is Key to Peace of Mind

The best way to make Smart Away realistic is by attaching multiple lights inside your home to turn on and off when you have it activated. Key tip: avoid attaching your outside lights to the schedule so that your outside lights don’t get turned off.

Blinds Icon

Fully Utilize Smart Away

Add Serena by Lutron Smart Shades to your Caséta system and you can schedule the shades to lower at night, increasing the effect that you’re home during the evening, even when you’re not.

Do more with Smart Away

Here are some products to add to your Caséta system to get even more out of Smart Away:

In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch

Lamp Dimming Smart Plug

Smart Switch For Light or Fan Control