Smart App for the Smart Home

Smart Lighting Control for Apple HomeKit

Connecting Caséta lighting control to Apple HomeKit allows you to control all of your enabled devices through the Apple iOS system, so you can develop scenes in specific rooms and group different devices together into an action. And then, use the Siri personal assistant to voice control it all! Easy to setup, easier to use.

smarter together

Smarter Together

Caséta lighting controls work with Apple Home and give you seamless integration with your home lighting, Serena shades and more than 50 other leading smart brands. So you can create a complete connected home that you can easily and reliably control with Siri voice control on your iOS devices.

smart bridge

SMART HUB (formerly smart bridge)

Ultimate in Connectivity

The Caséta smart hub gives Apple Home enabled devices a direct connection to Caséta lighting control and Serena shades. So you can create personalized scenes with other integrated products and control it all from your iOS device and through the Siri voice assistant.


Start your day with a Good Morning

With Caséta and Apple Home, you can tell Siri to turn on the lights and raise the shades for you while you’re walking into the bathroom. Or you can even schedule those tasks to happen automatically.


Always get a warm welcome home

With Caséta lighting controls and an Apple Home-enabled thermostat, you’ll never come home to an uncomfortable home. Be Welcomed Home through the use of geofencing or just tell Siri, and your home will be warm and well-lit.


Red carpet treatment

Caséta lighting controls, Serena shades, and Apple Home-enabled devices can turn on the lights, open the shades, and put on the tunes for you when you come home or shutdown and lock-up the house when you leave.


Room By Room Control

Apple Home manages all of your connected devices by room, so you can raise your Serena shades and dim the Caséta lights in the kitchen, lower the shades in the bathroom, and blast the music in the family room. Different rooms, different moods.


Closing Up Without Getting Up

At the end of a long day it’s nice to be able to just crawl into bed and turn off the lights, lower the shades and turn down the temperature, all just by using your voice and without your head leaving the pillow. Caséta lighting control and smart hub, Serena shades and Siri make it happen.


Let the show go on

No need to get up to get the lights or start the home theater – just tell Siri on your iPhone, Apple Watch & TV, or HomePod that it’s “Movie Time” while you go and get the popcorn, then settle in to enjoy the show.


Set and Forget

Caséta lighting can work with an Apple TV and Apple Home-enabled devices to carry out certain actions automatically – for example when you’re away and there’s unexpected motion detected, all of your lights can go on while you’re alerted on your phone. Set it up once, and it’s on the job for you.

Works with Apple® HomeKit logo

The Caséta smart hub and Apple Home compatible devices can make your connected home even smarter, allowing you to remotely monitor and control everything from the locks on your doors to the lights in your rooms, plus more than 50 other devices, all from your iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and iPad.

    Take Full Control

    Apple Home with a Caséta smart hub, wireless lighting and Serena shades are the foundation of a connected smart home. You can add-on additional connected devices such as dimmer switches, thermostats, fans, door locks, security cameras, and over 50 other Apple Home compatible products to expand your smart home.

    Existing Caséta User

    1. Open integration settings in the Lutron app and tap Apple HomeKit
    2. Enter the HomeKit setup code on the bottom of your Smart Hub

    New to Caséta

    1. Install your Caséta system, connect it to your Wi-Fi router, and download the Lutron App
    2. Open integration settings in the Lutron app and tap Apple HomeKit
    3. Enter the HomeKit setup code on the bottom of your Smart Hub

    For more in-depth assistance, please click here.


    The Magical home

    Never come home to a dark and quiet house again. And in case you’re running late, let geofencing turn lights and music off automatically when you leave. Or just say the word because Caséta integrates with The Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.

    Related FAQs

      What Apple hardware/software is required for Apple Home?

      • An iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch with iOS 8.3 or later is required for Apple Home. You can check your iOS version in Settings > General > About > Version.
      • For remote access you’ll need to have a third generation or later Apple TV with software version 7.0 or later in your home. Follow the steps here to make sure you have a supported Apple TV:
      • Remote access through Apple TV may require you to log out of iCloud® and log back in on your Apple TV.
      • Tip: Siri® will be more responsive if you set the “Sleep After” setting to “Never” in Settings.
      • If you have any other issues setting up Apple TV, please contact Apple Customer Support.


      What Lutron hardware/software is required for Apple Home?

      • A Lutron smart hub generation 2 (L-BDG2-WH) or Lutron smart hub PRO generation 2 (L-BDGPRO2-WH) is required, as well as the iOS Lutron App version 2.2 or later.
      • Note: the Lutron smart hub model number MUST contain a “2” in it. The Lutron smart hub without the “2” in the model number do not support Apple Home. With the exception of Apple Home support, all other features remain identical for generation 1 and generation 2.

      Do the Lutron Apple Home features work with non-Apple smartphones and tablets (e.g. Android)?

      The Lutron App for Caséta Wireless is available for Android. However, Android devices do not have Siri and do not support third-party Apple Home apps. All Lutron Smart Bridges (generation 1 and 2) have identical performance on Android.

      Can everyone in the home use Siri from their own iOS device?

      Yes, everyone in the home with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8.3 or later can use Siri to control Caséta products in the home. To do this, you need to select the “Apple HomeKit” option in the “Settings” within the Lutron app and add multiple users. When inviting other users you need to enter their iCloud Apple ID. Once the invitation is accepted, they will also be able to control the lights in the home using Siri.

      Does Siri work with Lutron shades?

      Yes, they do! For roller and honeycomb shades, you can raise and lower shades. For wood blinds, you can control tilt only.