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Why a smart switch is a good choice for smart lighting

Get more savings, flexibility, and control with smart lighting that starts at the switch

Caseta Switch

Make your regular bulbs smart

Do you want to change the color of your light or only have one bulb you want to control? A smart bulb could be a good option for you.

When you are looking for control of multiple bulbs, that’s where Caséta smart switches really shine. That’s because Caséta works by putting the brains in the switch where you’ve always had control, letting you keep the bulbs you already have — instead of buying all new ones.

Even better, a single dimmer* or switch can control multiple lights and fixtures giving you more smart lighting control at a fraction of what it’d cost to replace your bulbs.

*For dimming, you’ll need dimmable bulbs. Switches work with almost any type of bulb.

Standard light switch with tape covering the switch

Make your regular bulbs smart

Smart bulbs are smart — that is until someone accidentally flips off the switch, or the Wi-Fi goes down. When that happens, you lose smart control. No wonder so many people resort to taping the light switch to keep it in the on position. (Looking for an elegant solution to that problem? Look no further than the Aurora smart bulb dimmer from Lutron.)

But Caséta is different.

We’ve built smart lighting control that puts the brains in the switch and doesn’t rely on your Wi-Fi. That means our smart lighting always stays connected so you never lose smart control of the lights — even if the switch is off or the Wi-Fi goes down. So put the tape away and rest easy that you’ll always have control of the lights.

One kit is all you need

Start with one of our smart home lighting kits and you’ll have everything you need to make your regular bulbs smart.

In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch Kit

In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch Kit

2-Pack In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch Kit

Lamp Dimming Smart Plug Kit

Lamp Dimming Smart Plug Kit

More points of control

With Caséta, you have more ways to control your lights — in the app, with your voice, with the smart remote, and at the switch. That means anyone can control the lights simply and easily. No apps, passwords, and Wi-Fi required.

In the app

With a remote

With your voice

Even at the wall

The most connected smart lighting control brand

Caséta works with more of the smart home products you have today and may get tomorrow.

Better with a hub

The smart hub (formerly smart bridge) gives you the best possible smart lighting control experience.

Fast control

Provides fast, reliable control from the app, Pico smart remote, or voice

Works when Wi-Fi is down

Works when Wi-Fi is down

Simple as button

Makes setup of Caséta products a snap, as simple as pressing a button

Keeps Caséta

Keeps Caséta from bogging down your Wi-Fi by making one single connection that covers all your devices

Keeps Pico batteries

Keeps Pico batteries working for up to 10 years

Unlocks the full breadth

Unlocks the full breadth of Caséta’s functionality, like voice control and scheduling

Install is easy – either DIY or use a Pro