Smart Lighting Control for Samsung SmartThings

Connecting Samsung SmartThings to Caséta allows you to add a wide array of sensors, monitors and controls to your home, so your home’s lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, cameras, security devices and more can serve you better. Get lighting control that works with Samsung SmartThings.

smarter together

Smarter Together

Connecting Samsung SmartThings to Caséta allows you to add different sensors and monitors to the best of smart home lighting. The result is a complete connected home lighting, monitoring, notification and control system that makes your home work better for you.

smart bridge

SMART HUB (formerly smart bridge)

Ultimate in Connectivity

The Caséta smart hub gives Samsung SmartThings a way to connect seamlessly with Lutron’s smart lighting and shade controls.


Waking up together

Your connected home can ease you awake with a quiet raising of your shades, turning on the lights and even starting the coffee machine, all just by activating a sensor as you walk into the kitchen.


House sitting is a thing of the past

Your Caséta-connected home can use many different SmartThings sensors and monitors to keep an eye on your home and alert you to anything from your lights being left on to an unexpected motion to a water leak - so wherever you go, you can take peace-of-mind with you.


Turn your home on Autopilot

You can easily extend your Caséta system by adding a smart hub and any number of Samsung SmartThings devices that can detect motion, adjust the thermostat, turn on an outlet, or even sense a water leak. You can continue to build and personalize your smart home until you have just the control you want, from wherever you are.


A welcome home, always

With Caséta lighting and Samsung SmartThings motion sensors and outlets, you can automatically have the lights come on, the shades pull up and your Samsung TV turn on whenever there’s a motion detected. So your home can welcome your family back from school even when you’re not there.

Samsung SmartThings and the Caséta smart hub can make your connected home even smarter, allowing you to remotely monitor and control everything from the locks on your doors to the lights in your living room.

    Create your ultimate smart home

    A Samsung SmartThings hub and one or more sensors, along with a Caséta smart hub, wireless lighting and Serena shades, are all you need to get the convenience, security and peace of mind from a smart connected home. You can then customize your control with a wide range of SmartThings monitors and devices.

    Existing Caséta User

    1. Download the Samsung SmartThings app and set up your SmartThings system
    2. Link your Caséta devices to different routines and SmartApps using the Samsung SmartThings app

    New to Caséta

    1. Install your Caséta system, connect it to your Wi-Fi router, and download the Lutron App
    2. Download the Samsung SmartThings app and set up your SmartThings system
    3. Link your Caséta devices to different routines and SmartApps using the Samsung SmartThings app

    For more in-depth assistance, please click here.


    The Magical home

    Never come home to a dark and quiet house again. And in case you’re running late, let geofencing turn lights and music off automatically when you leave. Or just say the word because Caséta integrates with The Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa.

    Related FAQs

      What is Samsung SmartThings?

      Samsung SmartThings is a home automation system that allows you to create different routines and schedules to automate all of the smart devices in your home. With SmartThings, you can receive important notifications about what's happening at home, control your smart devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to react to your unique preferences. To learn more about Samsung SmartThings visit

      What are the benefits of integrating Caséta with a SmartThings system?

      Integrating Caséta with SmartThings allows you to automate your lights and shades alongside additional smart devices like sensors, locks, cameras, and more. For example, add a SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor to your entryway door and you can you can create a routine that turns on a few lights when you open the door in the evening. Or create a routine that turns off all the lights and closes the shades in the living room when the SmartThings Motion Sensor in the room no longer detects any motion.

      What Lutron hardware is required to work with SmartThings?

      You’ll need a Lutron smart hub or smart hub PRO (any generation), and at least one Lutron dimmer or Lutron shade.

      What Lutron software is required to work with SmartThings?

      You’ll need to install the free Lutron app on your smartphone in order to set up your Caséta system.

      What SmartThings hardware is required to work with Caséta?

      You’ll need a SmartThings hub (any generation).