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The smarter choice
for smart lighting

Lutron smart plug

Welcome to the
Smart Outdoors

Meet the outdoor smart plug from Caséta by Lutron.

Available in the Us and Canada from:
Online retailers
Your local electrician

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A smart motion sensor
for even easier control

Let Caséta by Lutron turn the lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave.

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Upgrade Your Life.
Start with Peace of Mind.

With Caséta by Lutron your family can return to a well-lit home —
even if you are away. Discover how smart lighting control can
enhance every part of your family’s day.

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Life's Smarter When You
Connect with Others

Caséta by Lutron is the most connected smart lighting control brand. With just a few
words Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant can set the lights, cue your Sonos speaker, and
adjust the shades. The more you connect the greater the possibilities.

Industrial light bulbs

Freedom From Smart Bulbs

Swapping your bulbs for smart ones adds up. A single switch often controls
multiple light bulbs or fixtures. Save money, and keep your design options open
by putting smart lighting control at the switch with Caséta by Lutron.

Home entertainment system

Smart Lighting Control.
No Smart Bulbs Needed.

Caséta by Lutron gives you smart lighting control at the switch.
Make your existing dimmable bulbs smart
and ensure they stay smart even if the switch is off.

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Smart Lighting That
Doesn’t Rely on Wi-Fi

Caséta by Lutron’s Smart Bridge hub provides super-fast, ultra-
reliable lighting control. And because it doesn’t ride on your Wi-Fi
it still works even if your Wi-Fi goes down.

Lutron smart lighting switch

Add a Smart Dimmer
(Almost) Anywhere

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Smart Lighting Anyone
Can Control

With Caséta by Lutron, anyone in your home can control the lights.
No app or password required.

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Put Your Lights on Autopilot

Caséta by Lutron remembers when and how you like
your lights to come on.

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Innovating Home Lighting
Controls Since 1961

For nearly 60 years, Lutron has relentlessly pursued dimming
perfection. And, we continue to do so by pioneering smart lighting
control with Caséta by Lutron.

Smart fan switch

Ceiling Fan Control
Minus the Pull Chains

Caséta by Lutron makes it a breeze to control your fan from the wall,
remote, app or your voice.

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Accidentally turn off smart bulbs at the switch and they stop working. That can’t happen with Caséta.

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Smart lighting control at the switch means you're free to use just about any dimmable bulb.

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Caséta works with more smart home devices than any other lighting brand, so you can add other devices and be confident that they’ll play well together.

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The Smart Bridge delivers fast, reliable control that doesn’t slow down your Wi-Fi.

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Set the lights to turn on or off at a specific time of day. Or, use our Sunset Tracker to control the lights without fail — even when the season changes, and you gain or lose an hour.

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Control one or multiple lights at the same time by creating a scene — so you can transform a room from “Game Night” brightness to “Movie Time” mood in no time. And when it’s bedtime, turn off all the lights right from your bed.

Home well lit by smart switch at dusk

Smart Away

Look like you’re home even when you’re not. Use Smart Away to randomly turn your lights on and off throughout the evening to give the illusion that you are home — even if you’re out for the night or away for the week.

The most connected smart lighting control brand

Caséta works with more smart products than any other smart lighting brand.
That means you can smarten up your home one room at a time and easily
manage all your devices as you expand.

One kit is all you need

Get one of our smart home lighting kits and you’ll have everything you need for smart lighting control: a Smart Bridge, dimmer and Pico Smart Remote.

“Lutron Caséta is the best brand for smart switches. They work flawlessly, look good, and are super easy to setup. They are also the most compatible smart switch working with all the big players which should make it future proof.”

— Review by “Curt” on (1/25/18, excerpted)

Do It Myself Installation

Do It Myself Installation

Installing Caséta is an easy DIY project—it only takes 3
steps and about 15 minutes. Find step-by-step videos
and written guides to make it even easier.

Have a Pro Install it for me

Have a Pro Install it for me

Don’t want to do it yourself? We hear you.
Let a pro take care of the install.

Smart dimmer switch evolution

The Power of the
Pico Smart Remote

Smart lighting control from anywhere you
choose, that anyone can use.

Hangs Out Anywhere

You can put the Pico almost anywhere. All
you need is a flat surface — even if it’s
glass or brick.

App Not Required

Anyone at home — from the babysitter to the in-laws — can
adjust the lights as easily as you can.

It just works

Caséta is designed to work right out of the box. It’s smart lighting control you can trust.

Works in homes of all ages

Works in homes of all ages

We believe what’s older can become wiser. That’s why Caséta works without a neutral wire.

Anyone can use it

Anyone can use it

You don’t need an app to control Caséta. That means anyone – the dog sitter or your visiting relatives – can control the lights.

No special bulbs

No special bulbs

Don’t limit yourself to a handful of smart bulb styles. Caséta works with over 1,000 dimmable bulbs, including these LED-compatible ones.

No Wi-Fi worries

No Wi-Fi worries

Our patented smart home technology ensures your lights work even if your Wi-Fi goes down.

Quick to install

Quick to install

Do it yourself in about 15 minutes — or let us help you find a pro to help take care of things.

Easy to set up

Easy to set up

Getting your system up and running only takes a few simple steps. See how.


It's Smarter When You Have a Hub

High Speed Icon

Fast, reliable control

Webpage speed icon

Doesn’t slow down your Wi-Fi

Incognito icon

Never uses your Wi-Fi password

Home refresh icon

Lighting control works even when Wi-Fi is down

24/7 Support

24/7 support

Questions? Our U.S.-based support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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