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Complete Smart Lighting
Control System from
Caséta by Lutron

With a wide range of smart dimmers, switches, and plugs for indoors and out, Caséta offers a complete smart lighting control system that is also easy to use. Add a smart hub for enhanced control of your lights plus thermostats, window shades, Sonos and much more. Because it’s flexible, Caséta allows you to have as little or as much of a smart home as you want.

Make Your Regular
Bulbs Smart

Adding the smarts to the switch is what sets Caséta by Lutron apart. Regular smart bulbs don’t function when the switch is off or the Wi-Fi is down, but with Caséta smart lighting control, you can keep the bulbs you love and simply add the control you want.


Enhance control and expand
connectivity with the smart hub

Set a schedule around the setting of the sun so your family always comes home to a well-lit house. Create a custom scene to dim the lights and drop the shades for movie night. Or turn off all the lights from the comfort of your bed. That’s just the start.

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Fast, reliable control

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Doesn’t slow down
your Wi-Fi

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Never uses your Wi-Fi

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Lighting control works
even when Wi-Fi is down

Seamless integration

The smart hub enables Caséta to work with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand, so you have the flexibility to build the smart system you want and control it how you like with the free Lutron app, smart remote, voice assistant, or automated schedules. And since it can control up to 74 devices, you can be confident that you can expand the system as you go.

Do It Myself Installation

Do It Myself Installation

Installing Caséta is an easy DIY project
—it only takes 3 steps and about 15 minutes.
Find step-by-step videos and written guides
to make it even easier.

Have a Pro Install It for Me

Have a Pro Install It for Me

Don’t want to do it yourself? We hear you.
Let a pro take care of the install.

Hear It First

Be first in line to know about new products, special sales and other updates.

Lighting the way for over 50 years.

Our story began in the late 1950’s when Lutron’s founder, Joel Spira, set out to invent a device that would enable people to vary the intensity of electric light in their homes. The result? A solid-state dimmer that brought dimming out of the commercial domain and reliably into the home for the first time.

*2016 EC&M Brand Preference Study

Today we hold over 2,700 patents worldwide, including those for hundreds of lighting and shading control solutions, and are the 1st choice of lighting professionals.* To take care of the customer is the first of five principles set forth by our founder and still embraced today.

If you have questions or need help, our U.S.-based technical support team is available 24/7 at (1-844-LUTRON1).

*2016 EC&M Brand Preference Study